What's That Building? - Photo Quiz

Have a closer look at our beautiful buildings with our just-for-fun quiz.

Do you recognise these buildings just from a small detail? Why not have a walk around town and see if you can identify these classic Mansfield buildings from their unique architectural features.
(Suitable for all ages. Although, if you’re quite young, ask an adult to help you). Good look!

Download the Mansfield Photo Quiz pdf.

1. What are these strange animals in relief across my stone coursing? Can you spot them?
Hint: You can find me on Leeming Street.
2. Did you ever see my face smiling down at you? How many faces do I have?
I was once home to a famous grocery shop. Now, I house groceries from a different country!

3. Have you ever read my stone plaque?  What does it say?
Hint: I feature a statue of my founder. There is also a school named after him!
4. I’m one of the prettiest buildings on Leeming Street! Can you see my initial on the front? What do you think it stood for?
Hint: I used to be a famous chemist.

5. It’s a tight squeeze, but I can see the whole Market Place from here.
Hint: I was once part of a hotel called the Eclipse Hotel. Then I became an office for our local newspaper, CHAD.

6. My green cupola is one of my distinctive features. I’m a bar now, but I used to be a bank. Can you find me?
Hint: I’m standing on a corner.
7. I look a bit shabby now, but I still have some beautiful stained-glass decorations! Can you see them? What do you think they are?
Hint: I house antiques, but I bet none are as old as me!

8. Can you see three pubs standing together? I’m in the middle.
Hint: You can find me on the Market Place.
9. What do you think I used to be? Can you see any other writing on me? Look very hard!
Hint: You can find me on Stockwell Gate.

10. Do you see my green frontage? I used to be a bank. Green and black were the bank’s main colours. Which part of me is in the photo? Look closely.
Hint: When you’ve finished the quiz, you can pop in for a drink!

How did you do? Did you find the architecture in the photos?

There are many more beautiful buildings to look at in Mansfield, all with their own history and character. Unfortunately, many have been neglected and the original features are in need of repair and restoration.

So, the next time you’re in town, look up past the UPVC shop windows and garish signs to the upper half of the building. This is where you can still see some of its original and classic beauty.

ANSWERS: 1. 28-30 Leeming Street (Imperial Buildings), 2. 23-27 Leeming Street (Food Plus),3. 34-42 Leeming Street (Brunts Buildings), 4. 11 Leeming Street (Boots Building/Dickie Dirts), 5. 2 Market Place (Lash & Brow Bar), 6. 1 Market Place (The Vault, formerly The Bank/Banque pub), 7. 3-4 Market Place (Romans Antiques & Collectibles), 8. 15 Market Place (The Dial), 9. 10-12 Stockwell Gate (Cheapest Cigs, Gala Take Away & Coffee Lounge), 10. 2-8 Stockwell Gate (Capo Lounge).


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